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Hokidokie, so... I went to the sports store this weekend to buy a new pair of running shoes. It went something like this:

Me: "Hello, I am new to competitive running and would like to utilize your 5-point fitting system to make sure I get a good pair. Could you help me?"
Shoe Guy: "Pfffft.... Noooob. Lame. Pwnzzorz."
Me: "But... but I need to be fitted for shoes! I don't have the knowledge check for that!"
Shoe Guy: "GTFO or DIAF."
Me: "I... I have money!"
Shoe Guy: " ...... Feh."
Me: "So... "
Shoe Guy: *eye roll* "Get on the treadmill, noob, so I can check your pronation."

Actually, it wasn't quite that bad. It was more like:

Me: "Hello, I am new to competitive running and would like to utilize your 5-point fitting system to make sure I get a good pair. Could you help me? If possible, I'd like to get something that is compatible with the Nike+ system."
Shoe Guy: *blank stare*
Shoe Guy's Coworker: .... *shakes head, then, quietly but loud enough for me to hear* "She's all yours."
Me: "Um... I called in advance..."
Shoe Guy: "Uh, yeah. Go over there and take off your shoes and socks. I'll be right with you."

He looked distinctly bored and irritated with me, but I was the only one in the store (it's a specialty store in Jax) so it's not like I was keeping him from other customers. They advertise on their website that they do the 5-point fitting for free, and I even called in advance. While I was taking off my shoes, I couldn't help but feel completely out of my element. It took me back to early middle school days, where I would try really hard to do well in those torturous games you play in gym class -- one of those where you arm beefy twelve year olds with some sort of flying projectile and tell them to act out their pre-teen rage on the smallest and weakest of their number.

Then I realized something. Shoe Guy was obviously some kind of jock, as evidenced by his bored, disdainful expression and monotone voice that indicated that dealing with some new runner was below him. He might possess special shoe knowledge, but ultimately... he works in retail hell at a dismal wage. I'm a nerd who processes crime scenes and runs my own lab.

The power balance was mine once more! NERD POWER!!

In any case, I settled on a sweet pair of shoes burdened with the lengthy title of: "Nike Lady Zoom Structure Triax 13 Running Shoes." They have shiny silver accents, which is sort of weird, but they're extremely comfortable.... and by comfortable, I mean that my feet feel like they've gone to the special heaven. The arch support is amazing, and the cushioning  (or whatever you want to call the magical substance that absorbs shock) makes you feel like you're running on deliciously supportive clouds of pure joy. The left shoe has an pocket under the insole for my Nike+ sensor, so I'll be able to track my progress on my iTouch again with more accuracy than the pouch that attaches to the laces (which was horrible -- ran five sweaty miles on the treadmill and it registered 1.2 miles. I was not a happy camper that day). I'll hopefully be updating on that soon.

Overall thoughts: It's completely worth it to get properly fitted for running shoes. However, if at all possible, go with a friend. I doubt that all places have the same kind of bored-with-life jock I dealt with, but it might make things a little more comfortable if you do end up running into that kind of personality.

For reference, these are my shoes (except mine are red/white/silver instead of blue/white/silver).


May. 26th, 2010 02:26 pm (UTC)
Sorry I missed your comment. There were a couple days where I barely touched the computer whilst moving stuff to Brian's farm. I'll try to call this evening.


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