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A Week of Wii

I've rebooted my workout regime, under the displeased eye of my doctor who would be rather happy if I just sat on the couch until they figured out the full extent of my injuries. As a quick summary of their diagnosis so far, they've got nothing specific aside from signs of acute injury to my neck with associated nerve damage, but they're still ordering tests so we'll see. Sitting on the couch has gotten old -- very old, very quickly. I've restarted on the Wii, starting at a low intensity and slowly (under the watchful eye of my neurologist) working my way up to something a little more challenging.

The nomenclature here will be "WF+" for the Wii Fit Plus program, using the Wii Balance Board; likewise, "EA" denotes EA Sports Active: More Workouts. "6WC" will refer to the 6 Week Challenge on the EA program, which I have set on Medium intensity for the time being. I'll be keeping my log throughout the week, and posting the full week on Sunday. This can change if it turns out that reading a daily is easier than the block for the week, but it's sometimes hard to make time every day to get online while my laptop cord is still out of commission (currently using E's).

Without further ado, I give you Week 1:

Sunday: May 9th, 2010:

WF+: Workout rocked! My feet are extremely sore (but I beat E's scores -- cleared the nine balance games & hold five of the nine aerobics games). Not quite ready to test my medical issues with the running and such.

EA: Rebooted the 6WC. Today's workout was a lot of running & obstacle courses, but it wasn't so bad.
Problem areas: The windmills in the warm up give me headaches. I'm pretty sure it's just the 'inverting my head' bit, but I'm going to have to come up with a modification. This problem extends to the crunch punches as well. Lying in a prone position, rising, and punching tends to cause sharp pains in my neck, so I plan on taking this one very slowly.

Monday: May 10th, 2010

WF+: E beat my scores. Well, most of them. Anyway, spent over an hour playing games, only burned about 180 calories, but I wanted to take it easy. A little sore from yesterday, lacking in energy. Headachey.

EA: (Rest day)

Tuesday: May 11th, 2010
DID NOT WANT TO WORK OUT! Oi. I was tired and cranky, with a fierce headache that seemed to get worse when I even thought about exercising. It was a rough day at work and I wanted nothing more than to take a bubble bath and go to bed early. However, I really didn't want to have to starte over from scratch later, so I weathered through. Bleh!

WF+: Weighed in at you-better-lose-this-weight-now. Yes, that's an actual setting. Okay, it's not. Anyway, I'm getting better at the balance games and clocked in with a Wii Fit age of 20 (which is 5 years less than my actual age).

*attempts to high-five self*


Anyway, I did a little of the step aerobics but the headache wasn't working with me. I figured that I might as well finish up on the WF+ and do the Day 2 workout on the EA before my headcase got too bad.

EA: I first thought, whilst looking over the pre-workout checklist, something akin to "Are you freaking kidding me?!" - but meh. I hate the crossover lunges, as they're a bit jarring and were not so great on the headache. Considerably less running and jump roping today.
Instead, I used the balance board with EA for the first time. The exercise was water skiing, which is vert similar to the ski slalom on the WF+. The other balance board activity today was the pushups -- yet another pseudo-inverse prone position that makes for unhappy headaches (not that there's any other kind). They're interesting and, aside from the pain-making, very good. Everything else was fairly similar to Sunday's workout (sans excessive cardio) - with a new addition: squash, which is a lot like the tennis game on Wii Sports.

So far, I tend to enjoy the games on the WF+, but I get a better workout using EA's program. It's harder to get motivated for EA, however. After a while, I found myself wishing that there was a game where you silence the trainer's obnoxious, condescending voice with giant pies. The WF+ has much more entertaining games, though the little Wii board character sometimes feels like a slightly less obnoxious version of Mr. Clippy. The benefit, however, lies in the fact that you only have to deal with him on the initial menu screen. He doesn't talk you through your exercise, which is a plus.

On the other hand, I feel like EA has a more stru ctured workout system. The combination of the two seems ideal for now -- both track "Other Activities" and tack that onto your Wii workout, which allows for a largely seamless (though sometimes redundant) workout program using both. More to come as the week progresses.

Note: I took an anti-inflammatory before my workout, but I still think the workout helped me a little more than I'd like to admit. THe cranial chaos has been reduced to a dull throbbing that's barely noticeable if I"m distracted by something else.

Wednesday: May 12th, 2010

(Rest Day). I feel like Jabba the Hutt today. Oi. Had a very big dinner -- went out with E to IHOP. I ate healthily all day so I figured it's be okay to treat myself. Yeah, mistake. Lesson learned. Moving right along!

WF+: I only did the weight and age today, since it's a rest day and I had a long day at work. My Wii age is 23, which is up three years from yesterday, but down 2 from my actual age. Also, my balance kind of bites with my eyes closed, but not as badly as I was expecting. Today is a rest day and I was both tired and full of food when E and I got home, so I figured I'd save my energy for the EA.

EA: I did the EA today because I set a calorie goal that exceeded what I'd burn in the 6WC workouts. No, this wasn't my wisest choice, since I'm already on the "no-workout" edict from Dr. Overlord, but I figured that I'll stop when I feel like it's no longer good for me. In any case, I set up a custom workout on EA to burn off the calorie deficit not met by the workouts on the 6WC.

Anyway, I was feeling sort of lazy and decided to put together a custom workout of my favorite exercises, mixing & matching until I had a quick 100-calorie burning workout. It's approximately 13 minutes long.

It sucks and I hate it, but I'm glad I did it and will probably continue to do it on my rest days. Funny how that works out.

Final thoughts on today's workout: Motivation is a huge factor for me. The obnoxious Wii board is actually a decent motivator, not because it makes me want to exercise, but because of the occasional comments inquiring whether or not I frequently fall down while walking. Just kidding! While he does say things like that, the real motivating factor is the graph of my daily weigh-ins. I can see trends building as weight slowly rises ("Oh noes! Must put in extra effort!") and happiness and encouragement when I see a trend of losing it. i know a lot of literature says not to weigh yourself every day, but I'm finding merit in this. Off to bed!

Thursday: May 13, 2010

WF+: Wii age: 20. I did some of the pre-made routines the WF+ has designed for certain target goals. I did the "slimmer Mii" and "better figure" workouts, which consist of a lot of hula hooping (one of my favorites) and some light yoga & strength training. Unfortunately, these workouts are fairly short. I recommend combining several into one longer workout beforehand for seamless transitions between workout sets. Aside from the overly enthusiastic hooping I didn't get too much out of these cardio-wise, but I always enjoy monitoring my balance with the yoga, which is an essential part of any well-balanced (pardon the pun) workout.

EA: Today is my third official workout on the 6WC. Since my extra workouts don't count on the 6WC, the program doesn't take into consideration what parts of you might be sore. The overall 6WC does this very well when basing your soreness on the previous 6WC workout. Wednesday was cardio based with lower body strength training, while today was cardio with upper body strength training. It balances out nicely.

I'm glad I chose the medium intensity level for my 6WC. It's the perfect level for my current health concerns, while also giving me a pretty good workout (in conjunction with my lame-o speed walking on the treadmill at work, which I've been slacking on lately because my headphones are AWOL). Today's workout utilized the balance board for the boxing/sparring combo, which was fun. I caution the bare footed, however; as a martial artist, I noticed that the trainer really doesn't discuss boxing footwork in the slightest, so it could be really easy to hurt your knees on the kicking/kneeing portion of the workout. My feet were a little sweaty and therefore somewhat sticky, making the pivot that should accompany said kicks a little tougher. Someone whose body hasn't been trained to pivot and/or doesn't pivot naturally pivot when they kick could get injured. Be sure to be aware of your body, especially during this portion of the workout to avoid any strains and sprains.

Otherwise, today's workout was good. I fell ten calories short of my goal today on the EA, but I more than made up for it on the WF+, even though those calories don't count toward the 6WC.

I also reviewed the first level of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred today, but I won't be able to incorporate it into my daily workout program until I"m cleared for higher levels of exercise. As it stands, I have to avoid ab/shoulder stress because of the neck injury, but I look forward to starting it onc e all this nonsense is sorted out.

Friday: May 14th, 2010

Rest day. I rested. A lot. (Actually, an epidemic of stupidity cropped up at work so I only did the body test on the WF+ then went out for margaritas with the girls).

Saturday: May 15th, 2010

E and I went to the zoo this morning and stayed for about 4 hours. Aside from a stop at the little cafe and a short break to cavort in one of the many fountains around the zoo, most of those 4 hours was walking. Hip flexors are sore, but otherwise good. My shoes are getting old and are lacking in impact-absorption qualities.

WF+: Did my workout after dinner (which was Chinese takeout - Garlic Chicken. Grocery shopping tomorrow so we'll have actual food in the apartment). I went through a number of the games and beat E's scores (muahahahaha!) though not all (yet!). My muscles are a little sore from the strength training workout on Thursday, but I can feel my body getting stronger. I put in about 45 minutes, burned just under 200 calories (because I only did the balance games, not aerobic-intensive games).

EA: Workout #4! It hurt! This one focused heavily on the lower body. Since I walked about ten miles today (so says the Nike+ sensor), my hip flexors weren't happy with me when I got home. Attepting my EA workout on top of that was definitely not pretty, but I completed the program from start to finish. Workout #4: Duration: 20 minutes; calories burned: 115.2

Hungry, but avoiding snacks. Headaches seem to have reduced in frequency lately. Tired. Showering & sleeping.

Thus ends the weekly log. Overall, I'm feeling pretty positive about my program. It's a little embarrassing that I'm sore after short workouts, but they're fairly intensive. I'm also doing three different programs right now, and will add a fourth (Jillian Michaels) once cleared for it. I'm used to having a lot more cardio to workout the soreness before starting more strength training, but that's not yet possible until the Doc clears it.

Let me know what you guys think. Is the weekly log too long to get through? Would it be easier to have a post every day? Feedback is welcome.


May. 17th, 2010 04:27 pm (UTC)
The day0by0day would be an easier read, but the week-by-week is not impossible and less work for you.
Call me sometime. I get nervous about calling people with actual work schedules 'cause I don't know when they're gonna be tired from working and whatnot.
May. 24th, 2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
I'll try for an every-couple-days and work toward a daily.

Are you cool for a call today? It'd be around 11-noonish time here.


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