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Oct. 21st, 2009

Note to self: Roommate watches TV on Tuesday nights. Do not plan on doing P90X then.
As much as I hate to say this, I'm not going to be able to do the normal P90X program at this point in time. Time is a big issue what with my thesis being due in three weeks, but it's not the biggest one. I'm okay with stretching things out over the course of several days when need be even though the time taking the program would lengthen considerably. My problem is with the fact that I did plyometrics on Monday and spent the next day barely being able to walk, Wednesday was not much better, Thursday still sucked, and Friday the pain and stiffness was still noticeable. While I fully expected to be sore and stiff, that's a bit too much- especially considering that had I kept up the schedule I would have been working my legs again on Thursday while they were still very much in pain and the fact that I didn't do the workout at anywhere near my full capabilities because that particular workout involves a lot of jumping around and I live on the top floor above the complex RA and don't want to get in trouble with him or cause trouble for him.
There's a light version of P90X that uses the workouts one would normally use during the rest period in place of the harder normal workouts. It's a more cardio-intensive version so hopefully there won't be any stretches of four days spent with difficulty moving from one workout.
Hopefully next semester I'll be able to switch over and do the normal program, or at the latest this summer.
I did plyometrics two days ago and my quads are still sore. At least they're not painful sore anymore, more 'yep, I worked out' sore. Still- I feel like a knock-kneed hackney when I'm walking.
The way things came together I didn't get to workout yesterday (that's happening an awful lot...), so I did that workout this morning and after office hours today I'm heading home and doing the yoga workout.
I've decided that I don't like bands. Which is bothersome because they're cheaper and easier to transport. Looks like I'll be getting a couple more pairs once I get more money at the beginning of November. In the meantime, I'll just make do with what I have. It means the shoudler and arm workout isn't very satisfying because I'm restricted by what and how much I can do, but c'est la vie.

Starting P90X

I got my heart monitor and took the fitness test yesterday. I'm posting what I was able to do here and once the 90 days are up, will repost them with what I'm able to do at that point in time. I still need to take measurements and pictures...will get around to that at some point in the next couple of days. Once Andy finishes playing Megaman I'm going to be doing the first workout. I still haven't been able to get my chin-up bar together. It's really annoying. I hope I can at least mount the main bar so I can attach the band to it. If not, I'll just make do with by rowing with it around my feet, I guess.
Anywho, here they are:
Resting heart rate: 76
Pull-ups: 1/2 of one
Vertical Leap: 12.5 in
Push-ups: 7
Toe touch: +4 in
Wall squat: 144 secs
Bicep curls: 10 lbs 27 times
Ins and Outs: 29
Heart Rate Maximizer: 164beats/min
          1 min later: 128 beats/min
          2 min later: 116 beats/min
          3 min later: 116 beats/min
          4 min later: 166 beats/min

And an explanation where one is needed,
Resting heart rate is taken when you wake up but before you get out of bed. Vertical leap is straight up with no running start. The touch touch is sitting on the ground. +4 means I can extend my fingers 4 inches beyond my toes when my feet are at a 90 degree angle. Wall squat is how long I can hold a squat with my back to the wall starting with my legs at a 90 degree angle and ending when my butt touched the ground. I really should have picked 12 lbs for the bicep curls. Ins and outs are sitting on the ground and pulling your knees in toward your chest then extending them without your feet touching the ground. The heart rate maximizer is 1:30 minutes of jumping jacks at a steady pace followed by 30 sec of as many as you can do.
The minimum they want for a female before starting the program is 1 pull-up ideally, but if you can't it's fine, just use bands until you can do one, a 3 inch vertical leap, 3 push-ups, toe touch -6, wall squat 1 min, bicep curl 8 lbs 10 times, and 25 ins and outs.
So for most of them, I blew the minimum out of the water. What I need to work on is pull-ups (the most I've ever been able to do unassisted is 3/4 of one) and ins and outs. Granted, I had to stop those because my lower back was hurting, not because my abs and legs weren't able to handle it. I don't know what it is with normal ab workouts, but they make my lower back hurt. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Steven took the test yesterday as well and we will be starting the actual program today sans silly high-protein, low-fruits and veggies diet.
So I've been looking over the P90X nutrition guide and the more I look, the more concerned I grow. It's a high-protein diet, which, if you're going to increase muscle mass makes sense....but you're only supposed to eat 2-3 servings of vegetables and 1-2 servings of fruit a day (and the 3 veg and 2 fruit servings don't come until the last phase of the diet). I like fruit. I like vegetables. They're good for you. I don't want to cut back on them. I realize they're trying to take away carbs while keeping in fiber from bread and potatoes and the like....but no.
I looked on WebMD and there are some pretty scary drawbacks to high-protein diets- excreting more calcium which leads to weaker bones which would serve to counteract the stuff gained from weightlifting; kidneys don't do so well under high-protein diets and considering my mom had frequent kidney and urinary tract infections, I'm going to take the safe route and consider my kidneys to be not the greatest, especially considering I've had several UTIs myself the past few years.
The guidebooks for P90X go on and on about don't miss a day, eat exactly what we say to eat- these are rules, not guidelines. But you know what? I'm going to go ahead and consider them guidelines on account of this is a fad diet/exercise program, just one of the better ones. Yes, I will eat healthily- but on my terms. I will increase my protein intake to fuel my growing muscles. But I'll do it by shaving off excess fat and carbs in my diet. I trust sparkpeople more and according to them I tend to eat more fat and carbs and less protein than I should.
Another thing the nutrition guide says which concerns me- they want you to down 72 oz of water a day. And they don't say '72 oz of fluid in drink and food' , they say 'drink 72 oz of water'. I'm sorry, but too much water is just as bad as not enough. And you get a decent amount of fluid from foods, which should be counted. You don't actually need 8 cups of water a day for a mild-moderately excercising lifestyle, and I'm pretty sure 9 cups plus what you get from food is overkill, especially with the large amount of food they want you to eat.
I will drink plenty of water, but not too much, I will eat more protein, but I won't cut out fruits and veggies just so I can eat one of your precious "fitness" bars which, by the way, cost too much. I know the recovery drink helps a lot with soreness, but I'm going to try just eating the 4:1 ratio of carbs and protein they talk so much about right after working out. And I'm not going to shoot for a goal of 12-15% body fat categorized as "elite athlete build". I'm quite happy with the 16-20% of athletic, and quite frankly would rather not drop below 18%. I do still need some curves for belly dancing after all. I don't care about all your talk of being uber athletic. It's not healthy. I will say 'I told you so' when the people who do p90x to the letter over and over wind up getting kidney disease. While I'm willing to try p90x because of its varied routine and the fact that you have to keep exercising continually, I will modify the diet so that it still falls in the range of "scientifically proven all-around healthy diet" and not your little pseudosciency statements of supposed scientificness.
So I won't see the fast, intense results you promise. That's okay. I would rather my insides be as healthy as my outside. Taosim is right- moderation is good.
*grumble* The new Kenpo DVD works but How To Bring It still ain't reading. I don't want to start without watching it. This is aggravating.
I has a sick. I've brought European disease to the Americas. I kind of wanted to make swine flu jokes at the airport but restrained myself.
I got my chin-up bar and replacement dvds in today. Now I'm waiting on the heart monitor and need to head to play it again to look for bands and weights and Walmart to buy new screws and nuts 'cause the person who designed the bar has no engineering skills when it comes to screws.
With all this stuff to do before I can start, plus jet lag, plus all the catching up and data entering I need to do this weekend AND the sick, it doesn't look like I'll be starting p90x this weekend like I'd planned. I'd hoped to start on the 3rd so I'd finish before the year is up...but it could also make a good birthday present to myself if I finished it then, so I can start on the 6th instead.
Hm.. I should also go ahead and buy recovery formula and start planning my meals and just watching the dvds... Getting organized enough to start is going to be tricky.
Well, I've got half a week. I can get everything except the recovery formula done.

Sep. 19th, 2009

The DVDs came! Reading through the fitness guide is kind of amusing. They throw in random little jokes. They also have quite a few typos. At one point they mention "Teat Beachbody" (supposed to be "Team Beachbody"). I think I'm going to take the fitness and nutrition guides on the plane with me. I don't have time to read through them in detail right now but I want to before I start.
...My "before you start" and Kenpo DVDs are not working on the DVD player, my computer, the XBox, or the PS2. The intro will play on the XBox but then it goes to an XBox screen and stays there. I'm pretty sure that's not part of the video. I'm going to go try it on a school computer. This is bothersome.
I'm getting antsy. I want my DVDs to get here before I leave so I can watch them and have an idea of what I'm coming back to. But I don't think they're going to. They came from Canada and got into the US late on Wednesday. They're currently being processed and I have no idea how long it'll take to actually be shipped to my post office. EDIT: Hurray! They got to my post office at 4:30 this morning! But I need to leave the apartment to go do stuff and I ordered a hold mail after today. Grr. Maybe I'll just stay here a few more hours and organize things in my head..
I paid for my chin-up bar on the 14th and I haven't gotten any kind of shipping notice even though he's supposed to ship it within three days... I've messaged him to find out what's going on. Hopefully nothing fishy. I still haven't gotten down to Play it Again to ask about dumbells. I should call them too..
Steven, Brian, and Bob have been talking about the P90x system. I've decided to give it a try. Mostly because of this woman here:

I mean damn. That is what I've wanted to look like for who knows how long. Lots of women talk about various too-skinny celebrities being their "Thinspirations". Well this woman is my "Fitspiration". I don't know what workouts she does, but I am bound and determined to look like that (or rather, as close as my body frame and type will allow).
I've ordered the DVDs and the chin-up bar off ebay for cheaper than they are sold for normally. The sellers have good reviews and everything is supposed to be there. I'm currently trying to decide whether to get resistance bands or dumbells. From what it sounds like, I should start off with bands for at least some of the exercises to get myself to where I can actually do a single chin-up. However, there are some dumbbell excercises that are just fun to do. I don't know what it's called, but my particular favorite is the one where you prop one knee and one hand on a bench, face down, and pull the dumbell up with one arm/shoulder/side of back to exercise those muscles. I'll probably end up getting both eventually. I have to head down to Play it Again Sports and see what weights they have. I really don't want to pay shipping for that.
Whether or not I get the stuff this week, I won't be starting it until I get back from England, so early October. I'm not going to waste money on their fitness nutrition supplements. Most of that stuff is overcompensatory (Is that a word? It is now.) crap. No one needs 10,000% of their daily value of B12 in one little pill. I definitely don't want too much of the fat-soluble vitamins. I'd rather not poison myself, thank you. I'll look through the nutrition guides and eat normal food based on what  they say with the occasional protein shake/bar or breakfast drink to supplement when needed.

Oh and by the way, Bob doesn't know I'm doing this. It's a surprise. ^_^